Buying iPad: iPad 2 or new one?

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Re: Buying iPad: iPad 2 or new one?

I've owned all three of them. The iPad 2 is still my favorite, although my granddaughter now has my old one. The retina display is nice, don't get me wrong, but it's not really earth shattering, and I could live without it.

On the other hand, the battery on the iPad 2 charges noticeably faster (and seems to last longer, but that may just be me) and the device itself is slightly thinner and lighter. Both will run iOS 6. So far, I haven't found anything I can do with the iPad 3 that I couldn't do on the iPad 2. That's not to say I'm sorry I bought it--only that I think the iPad 2 is the best model released so far. When they release an iPad 4, I'll likely be the first in line.

IMHO, the 64 GB model is the one to buy, and I don't even keep video or songs on mine.

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