RX100 - very impressed with DXO Optics

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Re: RX100 - very impressed with DXO Optics

Sorry--the above post got truncated. Here's the rest:

My tests -- so far -- based mostly on low ISO sharpness showed:

1. That the Sony JPEGs are pretty darn good and there is little to gain using ACR to pull out more detail. This surprised me.

2. While this "release candidate" ACR knows the basic "op codes" to correct for the large barrel distortion at wide angle, it doesn't seem to have the fine, lens-based corrections to maximize the results and the edges are softer than the OOC JPEGs. It does have this feature for many other camera/lens combinations.

3. The latest version of DxO really "knows" the lens/sensor and corrects for the problems much better than ACR. It applies proportionally more sharpening nearer the edges than the center. I prefer the user interface of ACR and Photoshop compared to DxO, however.

4. It's possible that the final release of ACR/Lightroom will have a fuller set of lens corrections and do a better Raw conversion for the RX100, but this may not be the case.


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