D600 Sensor Quality

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Re: D600 Sensor Quality

LuxLuthor wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

There are differences of over a stop to 1.5 stops in overall light collection between DX and FX sized sensors. Differences in quantum efficiency (the percentage of photons that strike the sensor that register n the sensor) may modify that number a bit, but it will be close.

Where is my math wrong?
FX area / Dx area = 2.25

log-base2 of 2.25 = 1.169 or fx/dx physically has a 1.17 stop difference based on area size.

So there is an inherent 1 stop difference between fx and dx. Individual sensors will affect system performance, but that is not an inherent fx/dx format difference.

Thanks for bailing my lazy self out here. I did say between 1 and 1.5 stops. The true number is a bit closer to 1 than I might have estimated.

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