DA 16-50 and DA 50-135 prices doubled - It's an outrage

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Re: DA 16-50 and DA 50-135 prices doubled - It's an outrage

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Those who imply Pentax is the reason for large price increases or swings should provide some evidence that Pentax is behind this. It's entirely possible that Pentax is granting on again, off again large rebates to major resellers which could account for this but I've not seen anything to suggest that's what's happening. As a default, we should keep in mind that it's illegal in the USA (and many other countries) for a manufacturer to dictate resale prices of their products.

Your view of the legality of minimum pricing is common but incorrect. Pentax can set minimum prices as long as it's not done via conspiracy or contract. Pentax has the right, in the US, to refuse to sell products to retailers who won't abide by a minimum price schedule. You may want to take a look at: http://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/485/717/

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