CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: CP4500 RAW outperforms G3 RAW???

OlgaJ wrote:

IMHO, there's a big difference between having (supported by the
manufacturer and numerous other third party software) RAW
availability and usability, and one that could void your warranty.
(And I won't even get into other basic differences.)

...but I was replying to the idea that the CP4500 doesn't fit into the CP5000/CP5700 category and therefore shouldn't get the RAW capability. I'll admit that I'm still learning about this; however, it seems to me if Nikon was able to support RAW post CP5000 release, that the CP4500 could support RAW (with the same bells and whistles).

As far as warranty, well now that Nikon has my money, I'm not sure what it is worth. If the risk of this ad hoc RAW mode is low (which very well may be the case) and if I don't send my camera back to map out hot pixels (I'll use noise reduction or edit photos), then I won't be using the warranty anyway. It seems to me that the message that using RAW with the CP4500 voids the warranty is the default scare tactic (I probably would do the same). However, using this diagnostic mode with Nikon NEF software may very well be a safe mode of operation.

Now if I can just convince others, like you, to test it out, before I try it. So, I hear that the CP4500 RAW outperforms the G3 in RAW mode.


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