raw+jpeg, a challenge for rx100 owners

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Re: raw+jpeg, a challenge for rx100 owners

Perhaps you could spend an hour and try it yourself?

You may end up learning something inspiring in the process. Adobe has free demo versions available for 30 days of non-commercial use.


The resounding answer to any question of overall image quality and ability to make high quality manipulations/transformations to the image will be YES to working in RAW. Will it be labor intensive, involve more data, more software, more time? Possibly, and most likely, yes.

I would hands down say that shooting raw+jpeg is worth doing- IF you intend to WORK on them. If you are satisfied with your Jpegs then keep them, and keep living your life and shooting. The jpegs are great because they are DONE. They aren't really designed to be revisited and tweaked.

If your intention is to make adjustments because you are after a different rendering of the scene than the camera can provide, then it behooves you to work with the raw files to facilitate these adjustments in a non-destructive way.

I even have switched my family to shooting raw+jpeg, knowing that they will never touch the raw files- but if they were ever inclined they could deliver me a raw to develop and make a fine-art print for them.

Here is an example of raw vs jpeg in my personal workflow:
Sony JPEG with Standard colors:

RAW File processed in Lightroom with a custom DNG Profile:

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