raw+jpeg, a challenge for rx100 owners

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Re: raw+jpeg, a challenge for rx100 owners


Okay I'll bite. Using an ordinary photo of a sunrise (not a good composition, but one that's good to show you what you've requested):

Photo #1 - OOC JPEG - only change is resize to 1024 pixels wide:

Photo #2 - Same photo from Raw. Used the latest ACR to "develop" 2 exposures, one for the sky, one for the landscape below:

Details: RX100 at 31mm (equiv.), F3.5, 1/500th, 125 ISO.

You could have gotten something like this result using the camera's HDR, but you wouldn't have as much control. For example, you can use a different amount of contrast for the lower part of the photo than the upper part, etc.

I think this shows the RX100 has a decent amount of DR available. And while you can't see it in these 1024 px files, the original file at 100% has some noise in the pulled-up bottom portion. But it's not too bad, and with a little NR, you could make a reasonable size print.

What do you think? Worth shooting Raw sometimes?


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