Canon S95 VS Canon S100. The diference is that huge ?

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Re: Canon S95 VS Canon S100. The diference is that huge ?

The S-95 is configurable with respect to all the items you mention - saturation, contrast and sharpness. You can also individually adjust red, blue and green, and there are two locations where you can affect skin tone. In addition, you can make very subtle color shifts to white balance.

If you haven't experimented with these, as per Gail's suggestion, you might want to see if you can tweak some settings to get a result more pleasing to you.

I had read her notes regarding her settings for her S90, and found I agreed with her with respect to red for my S95 as well; mine is also set at -1. I also like sharpening set at +1, and I've made a minor tweak to the overall white balance. Haven't experimented with any of the skin tone settings as I've been happy with how things look with the other changes. I also shoot only jpeg with this camera.

I don't have the S100 (and didn't see the need to upgrade) so have no input about that. It's possible that straight out of the box the S100 and other cameras have better skin tones. Hope you're able to ultimately get images you like.

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