@Leica and iPad users. A question about using these for travel photography

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Re: @Leica and iPad users. A question about using these for travel photography

Sounds like a wonderful trip. There has been a great discussion going on in the MAC forum that provides the solution that I am going to try on 4 day trip to London where I want to leave my work laptop home and just use an IPAD 3.

Based on reading a lot, the solution that I am going to try out is the following

1. Use a program called Ifile that let you put storing files on IPAD and it allow you to put them in Drop box (as well as other storage services) see http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifiles/id336683524?mt=8

2. A nifty device call cloudftp (see http://www.hypershop.com/CloudFTP-p/cftp-black.htm ) allow you to connect a USB device to your IPAD.

The suggest solution is back up to an external hard drive via cloudftp and view the files through the app Ifile that will allow you to store file and transfer to a cloud.

I have read nothing that allows you to transfer files from photostream to an USB. Photostream can back up 1000 pictures to a cloud, but after 1000 it deletes the oldest file. Photostream reamains cumbersome to use. I have not tried out the Iphoto app, but the reviews are not encouraging.

As far as I know, there is no raw processor for the IPAD but there are applications that will do minor editing (cropping, saturation, and sharpening). Like Photogene so far, but I am still in trying out phase.

Safe travels and enjoy,


Ps. I really like the retinal display.

Masterbrew wrote:

I am going on a 10 day trip to South-East Asia. I plan to bring the M9 and shoot in JPG+RAW. I will be shooting lots of photos.

For photo evaluation, and possibly storage, I am considering the iPad.
For main storage I will bring a SD card dump drive.

I have some questions regarding the workflow.

A) Will I be able to import only the JPG files to the iPad? Reason is, the 64 gb iPad should hold enough space for the JPGs, but not enough for the DNGs.

B) What is it like working with DNGs on the iPad? I understand you need a specific app. Is it any good? Or would it be best to just work with the JPGs?

C) Is it (still) cumbersome to delete JPGs from the iPad? I tried the iPad1 ages ago, and I noticed that, once you've imported a bunch of photos, you had to delete them one by one, very slowly. Is that better now?

D) Once I get home, will I be able to move JPGs (and/or DNGs), that were imported on to the iPad, off the iPad and on to the computer at home?

E) What are your personal experiences using the iPad for such purposes? How do you compare it to using a netbook?

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