Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Re: Excuse my "hostile" reply...

Michael Klein wrote:

EisensteinsGhost..or whatever idiotic name you call yourself...are you just thick..

Wipe those tears off, and you might not have as much issue with my user name.

first off...I was never kicked off the V1 forum..when I decided to see the difference in the resolution..thats all i was really testing...

And you should have limited your Nikon fanboyism to V1/J1 forum. You brought it here, got questioned and have been looking for help from dittoheads since.

and you have pointed out that the testing was flawed..and I agree..that I should have set the camera's up the same...but you keep on trying to get my goat...

and I have to admit it...I've had enough of your rants....I posted here...just because the RX100 is a newer camera and thought it more logical to show the comparison here...

Logical comparisons demand logic in comparisons, and that not only includes understanding and appreciation of targets, but also how you should conduct these tests, AND recognizing that just because a camera is new, doesn't mean it is direct competitor to any other. For that matter, why do you think RX100 exists when NEX-5N does?

Im not a fanboy of Nikon per you keep repeating...I do like the Nikon colors better than most cameras..but thats a personal preference...

Let your words speak for themselves.

If you bring fanboyism from elsewhere, you're going to find being challenged. If you don't want to, then either bring logic or stay in the cave you should stay hiding in.

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