Time to jump the ship? Or ...

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Time to jump the ship? Or ...

I think I have had enough and will probably jump the ship. Why?

Sony is so bad at informing us, the core users of their A mount system, that I think I can’t live with their ignorance any more. This has been a pain for the past years, and now it is worse than ever!

When I buy a camera I expect firmware updates that not only fix bugs, but also make my old camera competitive compared to new cameras from other vendors. Faster autofocus, more automated settings, auto ISO, larger buffer and faster response is what we should expect. Not just minor bug fix or added in-camera lens correction data base for lenses that I don’t own.

Also, look at the situation now. Sony has not told us anything about the upcoming A99 or the 36 Mp FF camera that is expected to hit the marked soon. How can I plan my investment in a system when I don’t know where Sony is heading? Or which cameras they are planning to announce in the future, at least for some years ahead? This makes me really worry about the future of the A mount. They don't even answer all my e-mails sendt to the head office in Japan!

Then I have not mentioned the lens lineup yet. There are so many gaps that it is horrible. Where is the 200 mm, 400 mm, 600 mm and 800 mm bright lenses, or the tilt & shift lenses, or the ultra-wide prime lenses? I don’t need such lenses myself, but I am worried for all others who are just waiting for these lenses to arrive, not to say all those who are about to convert from Nikon and Canon to Sony. I think some of them will be disappointed.

Then we have the issue with image quality! Why do Nikon squeeze more out of their own sensors than Sony? Why could not Sony skip other aspects of image quality like color and low & high frequency detail, and offer less noisy sensors that are praised by incompetent testers? Then Sony could get a good reputation for their sensors out there! Then we have all this jpg smearing, which destroys all my images. I can't hardly figure out what is the main subject in daylit scenes, not even when using ISO 3200 and 6400! This is very important for me, even if I don’t shoot jpg. Some day I might mix up the in-camera image quality setting, and what then?

My conclusion is: Jump the ship as soon as possible!

Note: I read my post once more, and realized that the problem is unrealistic expectations from participants to forums like this one. Phew, I don’t need to jump the ship after all!

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