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[comparison shots from 40D + 100-400L + 500D]

I won't post photos here (it's not good manners!), but I was out at a beach (Hastings UK) the other day with my camera, and having seen your earlier shots with the 500D on the FZ200 I took my 500D to make a few comparison shots. These may be useful to someone... but probably not much.

My 500D was attached to a Canon 40D with 100-400L, which makes for an "interesting" combination. The depth of field is about 2 nanometres.


I was trying to upload the RAW file with accompanying lower detail, small jpg, but Picasa automatically converts RAW to jpg. However apart from that auto conversion all shots are straight out of the camera. Full res RAW (converted to jpg by the uploader) 1st, then the small, low quality jpg straight from the 40D.

I think they prove that the FZ200 is a remarkable bit of kit. However for me it'll be a lot more remarkable when the ridiculous premium over the 150 falls to sensible levels. Here in the Uk the 200 is currently 50% more expensive than the 150... it was more, but I see Amazon have dropped the 200 to 457ukp now.

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