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Re: yes you need new glasses

It is interesting how people interpet things that are said or how people react to things said. I looked at the pictures of the RX-100 taken in the DP review of the RX-100. I also purposely mentioned I had NX5D. Anybody with half a brain could probably infer that I am not a total fan boy. This took a significant allocation of limited funds.

What is also interesting what people read into things one writes. I though I had included enough factual information so people might know where I was coming from. I a well aware none of the above matters for much. Here-though-is what I still don't understand.

Anyone who can't figure out that the rx-100 is an excellent camera does not know very much about cameias. All I said and all I meant was that I would never buy an RX-100 IF the samples included in the DP test were the basis of that purchase. I'll be more precise. I think those PARTICULAR pictures suck. That's all I ever meant by my remarks. Any fool knows anything designed faces the constraints of technology and physics.

I rather suspect nobody has the courage to say those pictures aren't very good because they were taken with a very good camera. All one has to do is look at the samples of say the LX-3. I think they are sharper and show more detail. I don't down load pictures and count pixels. All well & good. I much prefer to look at pictures or take them. So raw smaw-I really don't care. How do they look! How hard is that to figure out with the information presented in my comment. How hard is that.

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