Is Ken right?

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Re: Is Ken right?

danaceb wrote:

I own both the X10 and RX100, the RX100 blows it away in everything but the 6mp hat trick modes afforded by the EXR sensor. Don't get me wrong, the X10 was the best of the best(among premium small sensors) even with warts aplenty before the RX100, also its zooming OVF is wondrous next to the crud on the G12 and irk. I do miss the much larger DoF as it was nice, but the clarity afforded by the RX100 is more in league with the mirrorless.

I've had both as well and I agree, but I don't consider the 6mp EXR modes "hat-tricks" - its an integral way the camera was designed and incredibly effective! As I noted above, I shot the X10 at full resolution for street shooting where I valued the ability to crop more than ultimate IQ, but I used it in 6mp EXR mode for everything else. And no they're not the sharpest images I ever saw when viewed at the pixel level, but I have some 12x18" prints done from those 6mp files that are as nice as any prints I've made from any camera. So unless you're printing poster sized stuff, I don't think the extra resolution is all that critical for most applications. In fact, I'd LOVE to see that "hat trick" done with the 20mp RX100 sensor, reconfigured for EXR shooting. Think of how good those 10mp files could be...

So, yeah, if you discount the way Fuji designed that camera to get its best results, you could say the RX100 "blows away" the X10. If you just go best output against best output, it beats the X10, but not by all that much and it surely doesn't "blow it away".


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