Nokia 808 Pureview now, or Nokia Lumia with Pureview later?

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Re: Nokia 808 Pureview now, or Nokia Lumia with Pureview later?

Menneisyys wrote:

Look, I'm not necessarily talking about new OS features but strictly camera-related ones:

But your initial concern was investing in a non-dying OS...yet know you are talking about new cam features in the watered down 21mp "Windows Pureview"?

I just don't get your logic below--you get excited over these tidbits when the cam and lens is lobotomized in the bloated Windows mass market crapphone?

  • RAW - this could be very easily implemented; yet, I'm afraid not even this will be released

I'd rather have the massive 41mp Pureview JPEGs than RAW files from a watered down Pureview Windows cam.

  • 1080p50/60 fps - dunno if it could be implemented - prolly when not oversampling the entire sensor?

I don't shoot video so "meh" for me.

  • taking stills while shooting videos - prolly could easily be implemented?

  • increasing the true resolution of the 1080p mode by fine-tuning the oversampling algorithm?

"Meh" X2

  • pre-settable zoom in/out or focus start/endpoints and speed - also could be very easily implemented. It surely won't be implemented in the 808, only in a future model. (I've spoken to a Nokia rep and asked for this feature; from the way he has chosen his words, it was clear the 808 won't receive this feature, but they'll try to implement it in future models)

The most attractive thing about the 808 is the fixed 26mm f2.4 Zeiss super wideangle lens. My goodness just shoot full resolution and crop all you want later. Who cares about a silly incamera "zoom" when all it does is crop anyway? You can crop with the excellent in camera edit software too--so why would you ever want to limit the shot?

I just don't get you.

Again the super wide angle in the 808 is killer.

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