Let's be realistic: the D400 is not coming. Practical options?

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Re: Let's be realistic: the D400 is not coming. Practical options?

with the mirrorless on the rise, and the FX expanding from the top, I can't see 4 DX cameras in Lineup for the future anymore.

The D3xxx is here to stay like the first step to the DSLR world, the D5xxx too with the articulate screen, "bigger" corp, more fetures for a little more.
After there's the dark...

I think that in 3-4 years will be at max 2 DX cameras, with the FX lineup further going down... The future of DSRL is all about FX.... last pro DX lens released ? I don't remember...
one last Top DX camera D7100 is still possible but it's non ever certain.

Even in canon camp the 7dII is up in the air... the recent big firmware upgrade to V2 is a way to tell the no 7dII is iimminent.... and there're rumors about to reintroduce 70D at the top on DX lineup...
The Nikon is here to sell, not to make the right camera for every people.

at the same price point D600FX Vs D400DX is a match that the D400 can't even play, and Nikon can't be sell only a $3000 FX with the D700 discontinued and the 5dII free to sell for under $2,000.

Sorry but if you're expecting a D400DX IMO you'll await forever. it's time to move on and look for alternative or you'd await for the right FX camera to you.

I think that in 2 years or less it'll be a D710 will fast fps and Big buffer, this one will be the next 'revolution' on the FX camp, a 'cheap' sporting camera... just not now..

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