just got 7d, I am really frustrated right now.

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Re: just got 7d, I am really frustrated right now.

mmullen wrote:

WilbaW wrote:

The behaviour revealed in [The Open-loop Final Step Test] is only evident if the shutter button is full-pressed rather than half-pressed (and only if the subject is just out of focus) - the point I made in my original response.

The only thing that illustrates is that visual/audible confirmation of focus is separate from actually taking the exposure.

Not sure what you mean by that, since it's the single case in which focus confirmation as we know it is not required. In all other cases of focus-locking operation you can't take an exposure until focus is confirmed, and the tests comprehensively prove that focus isn't confirmed until the AF sensor sees an in-focus subject.

For reasons of minimizing shutter delay it makes sense that Canon allows the camera to take the shot without confirming that focus was actually reached.

Yep, as stated in the article, but that only happens when the target is just out of focus and the shutter button is full-pressed.

You need to do the tests to understand them, and you need to understand the tests to understand the behaviour of the system. If you are right, doing the tests will prove it. Let me know if you get a result that's incompatible with the interpretations given. It's not a thought experiment!

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