Uni-Loc 1700 vs. Benbo Trekker Mk1 / Mk2 / Mk3

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Re: Uni-Loc 1700 vs. Benbo Trekker Mk1 / Mk2 / Mk3

I have a gen-u-ine, made-in-England 1st gen Benbo trekker that I've had since new about 20 years ago (maybe longer). I have nothing but praise for it (I also have a Benbo 2 of similar vintage). It's been all over the world, banged and soaked, and never failed. Having said that, I'm not a pro, so it hasn't been abused very single day

I expect modern equivalents are lighter in weight, but I'm a believer that a certain amount of heft is a good thing in a tripod. The Trekker is light enough that I can carry it all day without much trouble, but solid enough that, once set up, it stays where I've put it.

I have the original Benbo Trekker ball/socket head, which works very well. I chose it over a on-tilt because I wanted a little less weight and, given that the tripod is sometimes in some very odd positions, the extra flexibility. The had is strong and works well, even with fairly heavy gear (Canon 7D and long-ish lens these days, but Bronica 6x6 in the old days), but the controls are a little on the small side.

I hope that helps - let me know if there's anything else I can add.

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