Raw files on ipad?

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Needs a hub


I found this on an FTPCloud forum:

"I hooked up a 4-port USB bus to my CloudFTP, and into it I plugged in an external HD, a USB flash drive, and a card reader with a CF card from my D-SLR Camera inserted. I booted up the CoudFTP, started my FileBrowser App and pointed it to the CloudFTP, and it reportd all three "drives" as C D & E. I was able to copy image files between the "drives" without them ever hitting the iPad2. Of course I can also copy to/from the IPad2 and each of the devices. You can get a 64GB flash drive for less than $75, what a combo that makes with the CloudFTP.

CloudFTP is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I no longer have to lug my laptop on remote photo shoots in order to make a backup of the images. I can now either upload images from the camera directly to the flash drive/HD, to the iPad2, or to both. So sweet.

FileBrowser is, thus far, the best third-party app I have found, so much better than vanilla FTP apps."

Apparently there is only one USB connection on the device, so to backup files directly from camera to portable hard drive, you need a hub. It's not clear how the transfer of files is accomplished (can someone explain? Does the iPad provide this function?) since the CloudFTP is essentially a black box with no buttons. Otherwise it looks like a viable and inexpensive solution.


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