Challenge voting technical issues fixed

Started Aug 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
santamonica812 Contributing Member • Posts: 881
Re: Challenge voting technical issues fixed

I echo the thoughts of Chris. If you (or another DP worker) read about an issue, then please take 13 seconds out of your workday to hit 'Reply' and type in, "Thanks for the heads-up. We are now working on that issue."

Simple, right?

If DP does read the fora regularly but does not see the value in making those sorts of posts, it leaves us with the impression that [a] DP is lying to us and does not check in on these fora regularly, or [b] You guys do check, but just don't see the value in letting us know (via a simple, timely, post) that you have been alerted to an issue.

Both of those can leave a bad taste in one's mouth. And it's a mistake that is so easily corrected/avoided. I was happy to give you this easy "fix".

You're welcome.

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