DAM thousands and thousands of photos in Aperture

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Tony Hall Senior Member • Posts: 1,555
DAM thousands and thousands of photos in Aperture


is something that I've been interested in for a while, but I could never find the right software or system that I liked. So, I pretty much gave up and just kept importing each day's photos into aperture, separated by day.

Now Aperture is just way to slow for me on my three and a half year old Mac and I'm switching to Lightroom, which is nice and fast on my Mac.

The thought of switching all those pictures over to another program is overwhelming to say the least.

Is there a way to automate the reorganizing of my pictures while they are being copied to another location. In other words, I could use a program to copy my files from the Aperture folder to a new location and it could sort them into folders based on the year, month, and day, and even more specifically, the camera used?

I know Lightroom can do most of that, but I'm not sure how it will handle files that were taken on the same day for two different events that are unrelated. Will it just lump them in the same folder?

Anybody care to share their DAM system?


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