DxOMark still silent on the E-M5

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Re: DxOMark still silent on the E-M5

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I am all for cheating

So am I.

What it seems to mean is that measuring "sensor performance" is really not possible. After all, no one is physically isolating the sensor from the camera, rather attempting to extract presumed "sensor data" from the camera's output stream.

In fact, what is available to measure is the end result of the camera's processing train, and its components are not actually separable. Statements about a camera's sensor are based on assumptions about how the camera is constructed, or its firmware written, but these assumptions may not accurately reflect the attributes and interactions of components.

What can be discovered are the qualities of the camera output . All that could be factually known is contained in that output. Noise level, dynamic range, color accuracy, and so on, are measurable and reportable. Inferences beyond that information are unsafe, and likely inaccurate.

Besides, regarding the camera as the black-box object it is has an advantage. After all, it's hard to argue what's found in output files, but easy to debate supposed differences of components like camera sensors.

Ultimately, all digital cameras are "cheaters", because sensors produce data not images. Data has to be processed to be able to record images. If processing is cheating, all cameras must cheat.


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