A dark stripe is appearing on my photographs taken with the 50mm 1.4.

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A dark stripe is appearing on my photographs taken with the 50mm 1.4.

When I first opened my 60D from Amazon, I was excited to use my refurbished 50mm 1.4 lens along with it.

However, you can imagine my dismay when I was greeted with this in Adobe Bridge:

After noticing this stripe, I decided to post the images online via POTN. Absolutely all of the members of that forum were adamant that my shutter was failing and that I needed to have my camera body exchanged.

Amazon, much to their credit, decided to send me a replacement body via overnight shipping at no cost to me. (Hats off guys.)

Sadly, this did not fix the problem. Here are a few examples from my second 60D body. (Do note that I was not trying to capture great images. Rather, I was merely trying to reproduce the problem.):

Exasperated, I asked a co-worker of mine if I could borrow his Canon Rebel XT.

Much to my surprise, he lets me use his camera, and after taking a few test shots with it, I was able to reproduce the stripe once more:

At this point, it is safe to assume that this is not a shutter problem . There is simply no way that three different bodies would all be affected by the same defect.

Granted, that doesn't bring me any closer to figuring out just what the heck is causing this stripe to appear. Quite frankly, I have never encountered such a phenomenon with any other lens, but I should note that the 50mm is the only prime I own.

Thankfully, it appears I am not alone in all of this. Here is a link to a Canon Flickr group, which happens to discuss the exact same problem: http://www.flickr.com/groups/canondslr/discuss/72157622005387810/

Regrettably, nobody has come up with an answer for this. A few days ago, I called Canon and spoke with one of their technicians. After seeing the images for himself, he too was dumbfounded. His first thought went to the shutter mechanism, but I had to remind him that this has happened three times on three different camera bodies.

Does anybody out there have any thoughts on this? I know I'm probably going to have to send this into Canon, but I have strong doubts as to whether or not they will actually be able to detect the problem, as it does not always occur , even in moments of flare.

For example:

Canon EOS 60D
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