Help with purple blotches with Panny 7-14mm images

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Re: Help with purple blotches with Panny 7-14mm images

FrankParis wrote:

Brianug wrote:

Looks like stray light. Anyway a very easy fix. Click on the adjustment brush. "Brush" over the area and use the saturation slider. Desaturate to match the surrounding hue.


Do you know if you can do this in Photoshop Elements 10? I searched for "adjustment brush" in the on-line help and in Photoshop Elements 10 the Missing Manual and did not come up with this term. Only "adjustment layers." So far I'm only a superficial user of Elements.

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Frank Paris

You certainly can. PS Elements is full of little things to help you out. You can use the lasso tool. You can draw a little circle around whatever you want. You have options to feather it and blend it in. Anything that you have "circled", you can work the saturation, color, contrast or really anything. You can remove dust marks from a dirty sensor.

Photoshop may seem really daunting, but there are really about 20 tools that are so helpful and can make your print look so much better. A little PS goes a long way.


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