For D700 users who mainly shoot family photos only

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KennethKwok Contributing Member • Posts: 998
For D700 users who mainly shoot family photos only

==========FAMILY PHOTOS ONLY==========
I mainly shoot family photos.
I enjoy using my D700 + various lenses.

===========KNOWN D800 bugs=========
Of course tempted by the D800.
Decided to wait a bit after launch.
There are no stocks initially anyway.
Then, the left AF issue.
Does it matter a lot? I don't know.
And I have not even tested my Trustworthy D700 for it.
If I buy a D800 with the AF bug, I wouldn't feel very happy.
The "Green" LCD.. I do like to review and display the photo on the LCD...

=========HOW GOOD IS D800?==========
Is D800 that good?
A lot of praises for the D800 image quality.
I mostly want high ISO capability.
The ability to shoot nice photos in a dark room, without flash.
If used normally (jpeg at native resolution),
D800 is about the same, (or maybe 1/3 stop better) as D700,
according to forum info.

Thought about Group shot with 36 Megapixel, and can enlarge
all the individuals large enough.
But I don't take group shots that often.
And I suspect I would mostly "Spray and Pray"
Take a wide angle shot all the time, and crop as required.
It does not seem as nice as thinking about composition first
before pressing the shutter, which is real photography, right?

I only occasionally print to 4R, size of a small photo.
Usually view on computer screen only.

==========HOW ABOUT A COMPACT: SONY RX100=====
Since I always complain about the weight of the D700,
I thought of just buying a digital compact: Sony RX100.
Some say the flash can even bounce! That's my favourite feature!
I asked my friends with expensive DSLR, they all say RX100 is very good.
I was about to forget about the D800, and buy the RX100.
But...... then I realize that I really love the D700 DSLR.
There is this emotional thing. Maybe, holding the D700, I would just
be more motivated to think about framing...
I know that I would not be as excited using a RX100 compared to
a D700

==========STAY AND WAIT FOR D4S==========
Maybe wait for the next High ISO King.
IF there is a D4S
Or a D700S or a D800S
If it is never going to happen, that means, the D700
is already close to state of the art.
Then, I can just keep using the D700 forever....
(Ok. Not forever. If I use the D700 for 5-10 years, I think
that's already a long life span for a DSLR.)

======= Why the post======
Just seeing if any others here feel the same.
My wife is very nice, but I think she has had enough to
hear about the D800 again...

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