16mm lens marked as "previous model"

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Re: 16mm lens marked as "previous model"

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

LOL. I believe you are genuinely misinformed, but really must you spread this nonsense?

This resembes those thick 50/1.8 & 24/1.8 Sony pancakes we saw few weeks ago

This is 4/3 Panaleica on an adapter. M4/3 is not a pancake, but much smaller.

The panasonic pancakes are neither Leica nor are they f1.4 and one of them is just as good as the 16/2.8 while the other costs an arm and a leg.

Panasonic 14/f2.5 pancake is a well loved lens that can be had under $200 (from Asia). It isn't "as good" as 16/2.8, not even close.

20/1.7 is more expensive, but $350 is not "arm and a leg" for a great optics. Many people believe that 20/1.7 is better than Panaleica and Zeiss 24/f1.8. Whether this is the case or not is irrelevant, most people here would be ecstatic if the lens similar to 20mm pancake is available in E-mount.

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