FZ200 Widest effective aperture with different tele-extenders

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FZ200 Widest effective aperture with different tele-extenders

I set the camera to
Aperture preferred
Manual focus
Full zoom

and aimed the camera at a whiteish wall a few feet away.
The camera defined the shutter speed

The extra zeroes (e.g. 1/060 instead of 1/60) are used to keep the columns aligned.

NoCnv=No converter
CnvA=Either Tcon17 or E15ED

Fval NoCnv CnvA CnvB
2.8 1/200 1/160 1/125
3.2 1/160 1/125 1/100
3.5 1/125 1/100 1/080
4.0 1/100 1/080 1/060
4.5 1/080 1/060 1/050
5.0 1/060 1/050 1/040
5.6 1/050 1/040 1/030
6.3 1/040 1/030 1/025
7.1 1/030 1/025 1/020
8.0 1/025 1/020 1/015

With E17ED - Same values as No Converter. E17ED gives you an F/2.8 1000mm equivalent lens.

For Tcon17 or E15ED, with the camera set to f/2.8, I achieved the same shutter speed as the unaltered camera set to f/3.2

For the stacked E15ED+E17ED, I achieved the same shutter speed as the unaltered camera set to f/3.5

All of these seem quite decent from a price/performance aspect, and all have a much wider aperture than even the unaided FZ150.

Yes, at some point I will gather images, but suspect that someone else will get to that before I do.

It seems noteworthy that all the lenses (except E17ED) decreased the effective aperture (i.e. lengthened exposure) regardless of the camera aperture. I had expected them to limit at the wide end, but not the narrow, but clearly that's not the case.


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