Is Topaz FXlab worth the investment?

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Re: One more comment

She will...

This might be the solution to your problem...

The plug-in is installed...but not working propperly...

All he is saying that if you find 8bf(photoshop native plug-in format or a shortcut called fotofxlab or the actual .8bf file(fileformat).

If you only leave topaz labs shortcut in that specific folder. You'll recognize a shortcut by an arrow on the icon.


I am sorry that the Software Manager did not install the PS plugins correctly for you. The Software Manager will create a shortcut in PS's Plug-ins folder named "TopazLabs" which points to C:\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs\Applications\32(or 64)Bit\Topaz Plug-ins\. The 8bf file is hosted inside "Topaz Plug-ins" folder.

To fix the problem, go to PS's Plug-ins folder, delete any old shortcuts or actual 8bf files for photoFXlab, and only leave 'TopazLabs' shortcut there. Do not copy the actual .8bf file (for photoFXlab) into PS's Plug-ins folder.

If this still does not fix the problem, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs\Applications\Installation folder, and delete the file LatestInstallation.txt and then run the Topaz Software Manager again.
Please let us know if this still does not fix the problem."

Allen Gerdes wrote:


have you tried contacting Nichole Paschal at Topaz? She has been very helpful to me and many others ofver the last couple of years. Why bnot go here: and send her a private message, explaining the problems you are having. I would bet that she will get you straightened out fairly quickly.


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