Let's be realistic: the D400 is not coming. Practical options?

Started Aug 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
Melcox Regular Member • Posts: 137
There WILL be a D400 (D300s) replacement and it will be to DX what the D800 is to FX.

It will be a feature laden monster and will define high end DX.

The high end DX market is too important for Nikon to ignore. Right now they're squeezing all they $$ they can out of the D800. They may announce a D600 to suck up some more $$ and get high end DX shooters to move to FX........then they'll announce the D400 and sell a ton of them. That demand is there and it won't go away. You'll see the impatient ones who hopped on the D600 wagon, get a D400 also.
Just be patient, the D400 will come and they'll sell a ton of them.


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