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I have tested all version of Pro 38x0 cartridges...

You name it: prototypes, release versions, I-refill (Inkrepublic/Inkjetmall/Inkjetcarts), Bigfoot cartridges, small size cartridges (many sellers).....good things here, bad things there, practical problems....

I finally settled with the I-refill system, because of the reliability and construction quality. However: not everybody wish to have these large cartridges and the fact you will have to install these large cartridges as a complete set.

The small size cartridges are the second best option, with some precautions (tuning chip holder bouncing upwards and can get stucked, strange and potentially risky position of refill hole).

Now: maybe combining these two options would be the best. A mini I-refill cartridge: small and ability to close the ink cover, a refill hole on top of it, so not need to remove the cartridge from the printer. Reset by pressing a small button on top of the cartridge for 5 seconds, so you have reliable ink level instead of a reset all option or always full ink level. Same sturdy ink outlet construction as the I-refill cartridge, so no danger of ink leakage caused by rubber starvation.

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