Am i on the right track with my lights?

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Re: Am i on the right track with my lights?

carpark1 wrote:

Been reading the Studio and Lighting Technique for a few weeks now,,got myself a couple of flashguns (Nikon and Nissin) and decided to have a crack,,came up with this one of my grandaughter,,i really like it,, would like to know if the lighting is ok, and am i doing things right,

If you like the picture, then the lighting is ok.

There really is no right and wrong lighting. The question is do you like the result? Could the result be improved so you would like it even better?

This lighting is better than the flat lighting you get with on camera flash. It also looks softer than what I would expect from bare flashes. Where you using small modifiers? Larger modifiers, umbrellas or big softboxes, would give you even softer lighting.

I think I would like this picture better with weaker shadows. Increasing the power of the fill or reducing the power of the main light should do that.

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