Does the G5 have the GH2 sensor?

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Re: Does the G5 have the GH2 sensor?

Big Ga wrote:


So tell me, if the Gh2 sensor is one of these 'digital' ones, where the ADCs are on board, and its straight digital data coming off, how do you know the sensor itself isn't programmable, and hence the data itself is already pre "aspect ratio'd" before leaving it. Doesn't that make the SENSOR multi aspect, and not the camera?

Not sure about the G5, but this interview touches on the difference between G3 and GH2 sensor (i.e. analog vs digital read out), hence GH2 sensor requires heftier processing. Extrapolating on this, just compare and see if the video specs of the two is the same as, (resolution & bit rates) to find out if G5 is a 'digital' one or just one having better image processing routine.

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