Not happy with my roses

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Re: Suggestions

Wind could be blowing the roses around just enough to muss up your shots, too. Just keep shooting and experimenting, and you'll find out how to produce images you really like. It just takes some time... You are off to a good start already.

hewitt wrote:

I forgot to respond on the mention of lighting. The C3 shots were taken in quite bright sunlight and the light looks harsh. The S90 shots were taken in early morning light and look better for the softer light, a point for the future. Thank you all again.

But I am still a bit perplexed at the relative unsharpness of my images. As one poster noted, theses two cameras should produce sharp images but somehow on this occasion they didn't. I think I hold a camera still but perhaps I did not do so on this occasion, particularly with the wind blowing as strongly as it was.

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