RX100 "not so good for fast action shooters"?

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Re: RX100 "not so good for fast action shooters"?

The RX100 feels as fast if not faster than any contrast detect system out there (eg Micro 4/3 and NEX). Contrast detect is heavily reliant on processor speed for sampling rates so naturally the newer the components, the better the speed.

To get reliable focus on a moving object, phase detection is generally best but even then the RX100 can compete with most entry-level DSLRs, especially with their kit lenses.

While more bulky the Nikon 1 series is pretty amazing for capturing a sequence of shots if kids/sports is your thing. Just make sure you will be shooting in very good light or the system falls down very quickly. I sold mine as the lens "selection" meant I could not get any real depth of field so the images felt quite flat.

My RX100 is plenty fast enough to grab some great shots of my daughter at full throttle. I was initially concerned about the lens range but looking back through my old "keepers" with other systems I found very few were taken at longer ranges. Speaking of keepers, the number of images I have saved from my 3 months with a J1 is already eclipsed by the RX100 after 2 weeks.

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