Nikon P7700 samples

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The SIGMA DP1M plays in a completely different league ...

Given the heavy processing the linked DP1M photo has undergone, its pictue quality is really impressing, at least in my eyes. The picture quality of this very photo is great because it reveals a huge dynamic range in the FOVEON raw data and only very little loss of detail in the much brightened shadow areas.

Pictures on which tonal adjustments have been applied to just a normal degree would not show such banding.

The photos of the Nikon P7700 are really good for a compact camera with small 1/1.7" imaging sensor but cannot be honestly compared with the output from a APS-C FOVEON sensor. The SIGMA plays in a completely different league. If at all, the SIGMA might need to fear the competition from the Hasselblads, Mamiyas, Leica S2's and other medium format cameras. But the big difference is the price. Image quality with such a wonderful incredible amount of detail and per-pixel-sharpness is really unique and has hitherto been unaffordable for amateurs.

If you are satisfied with the output of the Nikon, why not go for it? But be aware that even the 'deprecated' SIGMA SD15 - since months being sold for only 380,- Euros including 18-50/2.8-4.5 stabilized zoom lens - offers much better image quality than the Nikon P7700.
Wolfram (satisfied SIGMA SD15 user)

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