70-200 VR1 focusing problem

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Re: 70-200 VR1 focusing problem

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

MarinoDiMare wrote:

If I focus closely, it 'slams' into focus but won't focus further after aiming at a more distant subject. If I twist the focus ring to a larger distance, AF works fine. It doesn't happen every time

First - what do you mean by "slams"?

There's a clunk-ish noice.

Second - clean the lens and body contacts

Have done so. I've also updated the firmware.

Third - if the information detected at the AF sensors is too blurred for AF to work - AF does not work.

It may be after minimum focus, switching to a low contrast distant scene with your D7000 AF your issue is more likely than with more advanced AF systems. I have not had this happen with my D7000 and Mk ! - but do not work the way you work.

It's happening with all kinds of scenes. I've tried indoor, outdoor, you name it. I also went to a store today to try the lens on a different body, same problem there.

Without seeing 2 sample images the first of the in focus minimum focus shot and the second of an out of focus dstant subject it is not possible to differentiate between AF limitations and a possible lens fault.

As I said before, I've tried the lens in many different situations, but the behavior stays the same. Also on the other body. The only thing is, the problem seems worse at 200mm then at 70mm.

The weird thing is, sometimes while focussing at something more distant it will focus to halfway the distance and give up, sometimes the focus motor will keep trying to focus even closer -- even though the lens is at minimal focus and the subject is at least 20m away. I'd be so happy if there were a solution to this problem, but I'm starting to get worried that the solution is a costly repair...

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