New lens for my 7D

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Re: New lens for my 7D

Right now my main lenses are 10-22 , 17-55 , 70-200 mk II .
Right now , if they were stolen - I would replace with a 10-22 and the 28-300 .
For a long time I used the 35-350 , with the 28 , 35 and 50 mk 1 .
The 70-200 is a great lens and with the 2 X III , I can get out there .
Without knowing what / why you shoot - kind of hard to say .
A lot of things that I consider when buying a lens .
Why do I want the lens ? What will it do my other lenses won't .
Am I going to use filters / hoods on it ?
Main lens or covering an empty spot in my line up ?

Cost - a big factor for me . Since this is a hobby for me , when I decide on a lens , I generally wait for a rebate on it and use American express Credit card to buy [ they double the warranty time , then pay off when I get a 0 % offer from a different CC . [I start saving before I decide - right now I have put aside 200 for the 1.4 III or the new canon flash .

By the way , I have the Sigma 180 macro , but have used the 70-200 with the 2X III - MAJOR cropping - but the shots come out for me .

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