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Re: Z-990 problem

SW Anderson wrote:

You might try getting hold of an AC-to-DC power adapter, plug it in and see if the camera starts up that way. If it does, the problem is probably in the battery compartment or circuitry. Also if it starts up that way, you can rule out the on-off switch being bad. Adapters aren't that expensive, and if it's no help in this case might be of use on another camera or gadget at some future time.

I do not find any place on the z-990 to plug a power adapter into. A search for a power adapter on the INTERNET does not show any listing for the z-990.

Good idea though.

Also, from what I understand, Kodak has said it will continue honoring warranties on all its products. If that's the case, even though your refurb 990 is out of warranty, you might be able to get it fixed through Kodak or whatever outfit the company contracts with for warranty repairs at a fairer price. I would contact Kodak and ask about this.

I checked with Kodak (I think it was far east INDIA ) The gal there told me , providing I heard her right, to try a URL, which got me to a site where to ask a question from a Tech person, it was $16 per question. I did not need for my $16, to have a person tell me that my batteries were dead. They in turn also offered for me to send the camera in for Evaluation, pre-bill my credit card for $118 for such a evaluation (not a fix) and I was responsible for shipping both ways, so for such an evaluation (its power dead) The total price was near what the camera is currently selling for.

In the past, I bought broken Olympus c-2100uz (UZI) from eBay. What was not broken on one became a parts camera for another.( I think I went thru 25 or so) The UZI is a classic, so I managed after a long time to give all my Nieces and Nephews a remembrance of Uncle Paul.I still have a large box of parts. Had fun doing it as well as it provided hours of past time for the winter months.

I have received another working z-990 from Billx08 here on this forum, so I am back in business again. Think I will put the dead z-990 away for the day in the future when Kodak parts are no longer available. It looks like new so it should make a great parts camera.

Thanks for your reply.

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