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My experience in Italy (and France)


I spent most of July in Tuscany (way too hot!) and August in France with 2 lenses - a wide angle zoom (12-24) and an 18-250 zoom with a Pentax K-5 that I carry around in a waist pack. I highly recommend something wider than your 17 mm. I mainly used the wide lens in cities and towns and especially inside churches, which can provide spectacular shots with the right lens. The longer lens was better for landscape shots (this may sound counterintuitive, but I tend to take shots of things rather than broad-brush panoramas), but also came in handy for close-ups of people on the street.

And speaking of churches, you will find that you will not have the dynamic range to get both the church interior and the beautiful stained glass windows exposed properly. My Pentax has one of the best dynamic ranges available, and it struggles. So spend some time figuring out how to strike a balance, maybe try HDR, etc. I generally expose for the windows (assuming they are worth it) and the DR of the K-5 allows me to pull up the dark areas decently. Shooting raw wiil help to give you some additional range. If you don't use a tripod (I don't), use the railings in the pews to steady your camera, which also helps with shots of the wonderful frescoed ceilings in some of the churches.

Look for schedules for weekly markets that are held all over Italy - they provide lots of photo ops with an abundance of color and interesting people shots.

I too share your file storage problem and am still looking for an easy and inexpensive solution. I am currently using an old netbook with Lightroom 3.6 to do simple edits, post to Flickr, and back up to a portable hard drive. I have an iPad but it only has 16 GB of storage. I would like to leave the netbook at home, but can't get the files onto the portable hard drive without it.

Hope this helps. Have a great trip!

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