DxOMark still silent on the E-M5

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Re: Plenty of sample images abound...

And, given the bizarre test scores (m4/3 scoring only slightly higher than some P&S models) and the lack of a relationship between those scores and reality, I really question the value of the tests at all.

I've read these score over and over and concluded that it was me at fault that they didn't match reality

If you compare say Canon G12 and panasonic GX1 then you see that the Canon has only a little more noise at base iso and a little more dynamic range. So very similar

Play a round with some RAW files though and you find that the MFT files stand up to processing way better than the G12.

Look further at the G12 scores and it is way down on tonal range. I think this explains why the files are weak under post processing. The lack of tonal information is amplified by steep curves and this wrecks the image

It will be interesting to see how the teh RX100 fairs on this. I have a feeling that this is score is very sensor size dependent and that the RX100 will not match MFT in this regard

PS I'm not a MFT owner. I own a D70s and would like a lighter camera for hiking. Where possible i down load RAW files and play with them

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