Rangefinder vs. EVF: your choice?

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Rangefinder vs. EVF: your choice?

There are some rumors that there will be a "cheaper Leica": the Leica ME.


it is not yet known if this camera will be an EVF-camera, or a rangefinder, but LaVidaLeica expects it to be the latter. Now, let's assume for the sake of the argument, that Leica is going to introduce TWO ME-camera's, one EVF type, and one rangefinder type, as follows:

Both camera's will...

  • cost € 2995 (USD 3767)

  • be full frame, both will have 21 MPix and use the same sensor

  • have no video function

  • be the size of the M9

  • have exactly the same controls (like M9)

  • have exactly the same functions

For all intents and purposes, they will both be a re-incarnation of the M9 with a different sensor, but one as an EVF-model, the other as a rangefinder.

Advantages of the rangefinder will be:

  • optical viewfinder

  • see outside the frame

  • no viewfinder blackout

  • focus while seeing the entire image

  • usable in very low light

  • usable in very bright ligth

  • "old skool experience", if that means anything to you

The disadvantages of the rangefinder will be:

  • View not accurate

  • Lenses > 90mm will be (almost) unusable because of focus accuracy and small framelines

  • Use only M-mount lenses

  • External viewfinders needed below 28mm

  • No histogram

  • Can have focus shift and back or front focus without you noticing it

The advantages of the EVF-camera will be:

  • 100% accurate view

  • Use any lens you wish with an adapter

  • 15mm? 600mm? No problem with focusing

  • Never needs an external viewfinder

  • More viewfinder information if wanted

  • Histogram

  • Focus Shift is readily apparant in the viewfinder

And it will also have disadvantages of course:

  • Needs focus assist / zoom in to focus

  • Viewfinder lag

  • Blackout when taking a picture

  • Harder to use on sunny days if wearing glasses

  • Sensor is "on" while taking pictures, causing battery drain

  • Not as good as OVF in low light

If given the choice, what would you take; the versatility of the EVF, or the experience of the rangefinder? I'm undecided, should I be put to the choice, but at this moment, I'm leaning towards the rangefinder because of the experience and focussing while seeing the entire image, but I dread some of the disadvantages such as the focus shift, the external viewfinders...

I can imagine people that, given that they can afford it, will take both of them.

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