Confused by printing, colours and profiles...

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Re: Here is a scan of my print...

Bob Collette wrote:

Bob, I'm not sure if this guy wants help or not. Several suggestions of things to check were made to him several days ago. He came back to this thread yesterday and basically restated his problem. He never commented if he had tried any of the things that the other posters had suggested.

Are you serious? If asking my question and then coming back to it twice isn't an indication of me wanting help, what is? I didn't respond to all the suggestions, because the careful reader would have observed that I already covered most of those (e.g. rendering intent, black point compensation and turning off colour management in the printer). But hey… what di I know? I'm just a guy trying to create a better print and trying to make sense of the great (and some not so great) advice given to him.

I am surprised by the suggestion that a print from my screen dump looks 'just like the original'. My screen dump is sRGB and loRes. The question at hand is: 'how do I get this image to look great on Hot Press Bright (Epson) paper? I can get this image to print just fine on glossy paper also. But that's not the medium I want to use.

It was suggested to use a different profile. Howard recommended a profile for the Epson 3800. I've seen other printers use the normal Epson profile for the 3800/3880 for this paper, and it rocked. The profile is not the problem. Yes, Eric Chan's profile is crisper, but it does not make the black in the image go very black.

So my question still stands and I am still looking for the tip that really makes the difference.


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