Photo Hosting, Smugmug and Others

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Re: Photo Hosting, Smugmug and Others

Yes, I have been with Smugmug 10 years also and have decided not to pay double for the pro account even though it claims to be a $100 discount.. The reason I don't think it is worth it is that you can't print to your own lab, but have to use their partner labs. If you build your pro business around Smugmug, you are tying yourself to their printing. If that's the case, I am not going to pay for their gallery tools in addition.

Smugmug says:

The last time we raised pro prices, it was 2005 and we were able to grandfather your account at the old rate of $99.95/year. We wish we could continue that forever but alas, starting October 15, we’ll be raising pro subscription renewals for grandfathered accounts like yours to $200/year. The price for new pros will be $300/year, so your new rate is $100/year less.

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