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Re: BushmanOrig's original blog post

Part V of the original version of Siegfried's (BushmanOrig's) blog post.

I decided to add this last paragraph, to close the article with a 6 line summary:

  • The E-M5 has the possibility to let the user assign functions to camera buttons as the user find best for his or hers own style. In my article on basic set-up for the E-M5 I discuss how to assign unique functions to specific buttons on the E-M5

  • In this article I propose the user to assign the so called Zoom AF Frame function to a button on the E-M5 - see P45 in the users manual or see this article

  • Finally my advice is to select the 35AF frame (default) mode for the E-M5 - again in the basic set-up article on this site I discuss how to select an AF mode. The user could decide to keep face recognition active all the time or to activate and de-activate it via the SCP (Super Control Panel)

  • The camera is now ready to be used as I described in this article.

  • During normal operation nothing will change, use the camera as normal for most users. For those who tried to use the E-M5 in what I refer to as the old type SLR style, my advice is to give the 35 AF frame mode a chance - it is really good plus Olympus did a great job to fit two worlds into one (SLR world plus 35AF frame world into one)

  • For more accurate point focussing, press the programmed button on the camera to display the changed shaped AF Zoom Frame - on my E-M5 I adjusted this frame to 14 times zoom. Point the frame to your target, press the shutter halfway to auto focus (AF), do your final framing of the image and take the image by pressing the shutter all the way.

  • One final option is to really select a precise focus point as you wish for your image effect. High levels of focus point selection accuracy is possible using this method. Press the programmed button a second time and the E-M5 will zoom right into the Zoom AF Frame showing the full content of the frame on the camera screen. Now the user can go ahead and select and focus on that point in the image as the user wish too.

  • When the image is taken press the programed button again and the E-M5 will go back to the standard Zoom AF Frame view, not the “zoomed-in” view, to see the standard AF frame again, press and keep the programmed button just that half a second longer.

  • That is it, now you will be able to practice a new and extremely powerful new way of using your E-M5

One final thought I like to leave with you. My E-M5 is almost always set in A (aperture) Mode. This article will be of less interest to those who always set the E-M5 to IAUTO. I really hope you understood what the new way of AF with the E-M5 is all about and that you quickly master it. It surely is a great concept to work with once you master the basics.


PS. For more excellent additional reading on this subject see the work from a E-M5 user, Timur Born.

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