is there a new dx prime lens on the horizon?

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Re: Unrealistic expectations ...

I think too often I look at Nikon with a different set of expectations than its investors. While I would like to see a smaller profile fast wide DX prime, I forget Nikon is first and foremost in the business of making money, not lenses. The company simply will not produce a lens they consider to be a niche product (though the 85mm 3.5 micro almost qualifies as a niche!) for the masses.

We may very well see Nikon's future thinking during Photokina this month: if we don't see an obvious D300s replacement, it is quite possible we won't see any new "pro" or "fast" DX lenses either, ever. The closest we might get is a 16-85 constant f/4, but no primes. My prediction is Nikon is going to trim the DX line to three tiers (D3200, eventual D5200 and D7100) and do away with the so-called D400 tier.

As an aside, one thing that bothers me about the new 28mm f/1.8 FX prime is that it is made in China. Their quality control is suspect. Again, making profits first and foremost, then lenses. I hope this isn't a trend with Nikon in the future...

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