My first post. SX40 pictures

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Re: My first post. SX40 pictures

Hi. And welcome to the forum.

I agree with the technical advice already given to you. I would add, on the bird pics, somewhere, at some time I once read the best bird shots require both the eye or eyes of the bird as well as the beak to be in perfect focus and clearly visible to a viewer.
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As a person that likes to take pics of many varieties of birds myself, that can be very challenging. Especially if it is a black bird, with nearly black eyes also. Sometimes, if you are lucky you can be patient and wait for the bird to move slightly (if he/she does not fly away!) so the angle is just right, or sometimes you can change your own angle slightly and capture good shots of birds this way. Birds, I find to be some of the most challenging shots of all since they can fly the coop at any second, but it sure is fun to attempt to get great shots of them.

The pics of the deer are very good. Keep up the good work, and experiment and practice a lot and you will notice improvement as you go. But, most of all HAVE FUN while you are taking pics and ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE, and all the wildlife around you.

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