FF or DX for organic portraiture ??

Started Sep 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
Peter v.d Werf Contributing Member • Posts: 714
Re: FF or DX for organic portraiture ??

Dinahhs3 wrote:

I was with a couple of friends over dinner ( all hobbiest photographers) they were arguing about what is the best body for Organic Family/kids photography ,

And what IS organic photographer??

Just an idea, but maybe you should have asked that queston over dinner?;-) And if you didn't ask your friends then, I think they are still the best source for an answer to your question as they seem to know as they allready have ideas about the gear most suitable....

And if you then know what "Organic Photography" is according to your friends, maybe you can share that explanation here so we can discuss what is the best body for it...

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