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Re: DPR gold vs silver awards

Exactly. The reviews are used by people to pick a camera to by. If the gold award is not going to the Best camera in its class (by a wide margin) right now, what good is it to have the award?

People who are trying to justify a silver are using disingenuous descriptions of the usability and other factors that are misleadingly harsh. "not a fully realized camera"? That is untrue and sounds like the description of a 1st generation alpha prototype with deal-breaker type flaws that doesn't consistently lock focus and lags 3 seconds to write a file.

Offer a choice between using this camera and any other truly pocketable camera and the smart person will choose this one. The reviewer would too, if he didn't already have a ton of kit and can afford to wait to buy future cameras. For people buying today this is THE compact camera, and I'd DPR is trying to steer buyers right, they should give it the gold. If the reviewer has personal quirks and tastes he can put it in his copy at the end, but the award should reflect the camera's ranking or it misleads buyers.

It's precisely because of reviews like this one that I literally don't hold dpreview in as high a regard as I used to. I think they offer wonderful information. But the reviews are simply way too biased or at best, capricious.

Ryan Williams wrote:

To add another perspective to this, I first came across DPReview while researching which compact camera I wanted a couple of months ago. When facing such a task, whittling down an unbelievably big list of candidates is quite tiresome and review scores are often my main way of doing this — then once I have a shortlist I'll read their reviews and forums in more depth.

What made it a bit confusing was that while I initially used the cameras awarded with nice, clear 'silver' and 'gold' icons as my way of singling out the best, as I looked more closely a bit later on I realised the awards didn't actually correlate that much with the scores, and so I was skipping some cameras I really should have paid attention to.

My feeling is the awards should be an objective, score-based token. Having awards that're subjective makes things confusing, and in a more human context (ie: deciding which person out of a group of several should win) would cause a lot of hurt feelings and, worse, lack of understanding why someone was chosen above them.

Obviously it's an analogy, but maybe it's one that helps DPR understand why this doesn't gel very well with people. The only way to resolve it would be to remove all existing awards, or re-badge them as some kind of legacy award. Then, in future stick to a more objective system that helps visitors of the site such as myself rather than just be a useless symbol that some cameras happen to have.

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