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Re: DPR gold vs silver awards

Ryan Williams wrote:

My feeling is the awards should be an objective, score-based token . Having awards that're subjective makes things confusing, and in a more human context (ie: deciding which person out of a group of several should win) would cause a lot of hurt feelings and, worse, lack of understanding why someone was chosen above them.

Except that much about what makes a camera that little bit greater than another often isn't quantifiable or even "objective". Its the greater than the sum of its parts argument. Its why some auto magazines will rate one car better than another despite all of the objective measures suggesting the opposite just because everyone on the staff was always trying to take one of them out for a drive and find the other kind of boring... Some cars are just more fun to drive, even if you can't figure out why. And some that seem to hit on EVERY metric just don't inspire in the same way. Well, I think its the same with cameras. And any group of reviewers that DON'T take this into account are nothing but a bunch of number crunchers and don't really bring their own experience and expertise and feel into the equation. I wouldn't find those reviews worth nearly as much as those that also consider the intangibles.

So I'd just look at the basic scores to narrow the search a bit (and I wouldn't even worry about the minor differences in scores at the top - I'd just use the scores to weed out the obvious clunkers) and then read the reviews. They full of useful information that can help you figure out whether a camer is worth putting on your short list and then going and checking out in person. I like that the "awards" sometimes aren't in line with the scoring - if something scores a gold despite not having all that high a score I know that's a camera I want to check out because it probably has some personality. Which I might or might not end up liking, but to me it suggests something worth playing with to see if I mesh with it.

The reviews are a great tool to narrow your search but they should NEVER be the determining factor in your decision. And your enjoyment of a piece of gear, once you've chosen it for your own reasons, should never be affected because a reviewer or two don't like it quite as much as you do. That should in NO WAY invalidate your choice or somehow make you feel ripped off!

They're always a mix of fact and opinion, of objective and subjective. And I wouldn't want it any other way.


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