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janlu wrote:

I think Michael was very sincere in his post... and he knows very well he didn't so well as a pro in wedding .... can you remember your first one ?????

Best, Gianluca
........and of course... AMEN !!!


Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I remember my first wedding. It was a very long time ago, back in 1968. I was still a teenager. My first solo wedding came after assisting two professional wedding photographers for a year, one of whom was the top wedding photographer of the year. I started by carrying bags, setting up equipment and loading Hasselblad backs. Once I proved to be proficient, I was handed a camera and started second shooting. I had assisted and second shot at a number of weddings before I ever shot my first.

This was not my main job as a teenager, though. I worked weekends during school and over the summer at a TV station where I ran audio for newscasts, shot news film, developed and edited news film, ran videotape machines and was a studio cameraman.

Michael seemed unsure if he wanted to continue shooting weddings. He doesn't have to if it is unpleasant.

I have an M3 and have used an M9. Based on my years as a wedding photographer, I don't regard it as the best choice for a wedding camera, especially with some other more flexible choices available. Jeff Ascough, whose work I love, retired his Leicas and now shoots with Canon DSLR's.

I still hold that to shoot weddings professionally, you have to have a backup camera. To clarify what I said earlier, while I had four to six cameras with me, I only had a couple in use at a time. The rest were there for backup or my second shooter. In addition to a second shooter, I had an assistant to carry my other camera, so I only had to worry with one at a time. That assistant also held my main flash on a monopod, I used two flashes for my wedding work. This was back in the film days.

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